1. Commercial and Residential Security Systems
2. Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
3. Card Access Systems
4. 24 Hour Monitoring
5. Security Audits
6. Custom Security Solutions

What makes CONTEC a strong competitor in the Security Solutions marketplace?

» Access to leading edge technology
» Commitment to developing solid relations with our clients, customizing Security Solutions to meet their needs
» Project Management Installation Teams
» Transparency in providing full information on Security Solution to be deployed
» ULC Listed Monitoring Station
» Private Guard Response
» Fire , Police and Ambulance emergency
» Rewards Program for Customers

Monitoring Stations

It’s not how large your company is today but the partnerships that you develop to drive your business to success. This is the reason CONTEC partners with LANVAC STANDARD MONITORING CENTERS.

5 ULC Monitoring Stations nicknamed:

PACIFICA (Vancouver)
NEMESIS (Toronto)
ODESSEY (Montreal)
PEGASUS (Ottawa)

Our technology is such that information is shared between the five stations AT ALL TIMES! 
EVERY alarm that is seen by our operators in Odyssey is seen simultaneously by those working at Pegasus, Nemesis, Atlantis and Pacifica.

Generally, if a call or alarm signal originates from inside the province of Ontario, it will be handled by our operators in Ottawa or Toronto. Quebec will have Montreal and Quebec City as the primary destination and Western Canada will have Vancouver.

Having said that, if either station is experiencing a busier-than-normal amount of traffic, calls and signals will automatically be routed to the other stations to relieve the load.